Embroidered stuff is a lot more eye-catching and attention-grabbing than any other decor items or gifts. It’s easy to do small embroidery projects with ordinary machines but if you are planning to do it commercially, then you may need the best commercial embroidery machine. We will be guiding you on how to select the best one according to your needs.

There is a big difference between embroidering for personal use and commercial purposes. You can not use a basic machine for commercial use otherwise you may have a tough time.

Commercial embroidery machines are costly so you need to do some research before buying one, otherwise, there is a chance of wasting money on the wrong machine. Also, it may waste your time if you are planning to return it.

We have put every top-performing machine in front of you with its features and real-life experience. It is an unbiased buying guide about the experts’ views and the customers’ experiences.

So to stay away from all those fussy machines you must go through this 15-minutes read and find the best match according to your needs. Make sure you read this with the utmost attention and get the most useful information out of it.

It took us days to come up with this list of top 7 picks for the best commercial embroidery machine so you would get loads of experience even before purchasing one. If you want my personal recommendation then the Brother SE1900 is the machine for you. Let’s dive quickly into the full list.

At a Glance

1. The Brother PE80010

1. The Brother PE800

  • Useful Touchscreen
  • Stitch Your Desired Designs
  • Versatile
  • Commercial Workhorse
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2. The Janome Memory Craft 400E10

2. The Janome Memory Craft 400E

  • User Friendly
  • On-screen Editing Option
  • Quiet & High Speed
  • Professional Quality Output
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3. The Brother SE19009.9

3. The Brother SE1900

  • Color Touchscreen
  • USB Connectivity
  • Large Hoop
  • In-Built Designs
  • Simple Speed Controller
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4. The Brother SE6009.9

4. The Brother SE600

  • Easy to Manage Workhorse
  • Portable
  • Top Drop-in Bobbin
  • USB Port 2.0
  • Do Both Sewing & Embroidery
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5. The Brother PE7709.8

5. The Brother PE770

  • Easy to Operate & Handle
  • Easy Stitching Speed Control
  • Professional Output
  • Quiet & Smooth Operational
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6. The Brother PE550D9.8

6. The Brother PE550D

  • USB Port
  • Touchscreen
  • Lots of Built-in Designs
  • Disney Designs
  • User-Friendly Workhorse
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7. The Brother LB5000S9.6

7. The Brother LB5000S

  • Combo Machine
  • Star Wars Designs & Faceplates
  • Space-Themed Designs
  • USB Connectivity
  • Advanced Touchscreen
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1. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE800

The Brother PE800

  • Versatile
  • Useful Touchscreen
  • Commercial Workhorse
  • Stitch Your Desired Designs

Starting with the Brother PE800 embroidery-only machine. The embroidery quality you will see is very amazing. It has quite a large variety of embroidery designs so you can use this machine for commercial purposes without hesitation.

It has 138 built-in embroidery designs that are going to beautify your projects. It has some scrollwork, florals, and quilt pattern designs. This machine is going to improve your creativity a lot.

Monogramming and lettering are made easy now. This machine has 11 built-in fonts including 7 English, 3 Japanese, and 1 Cyrillic font style so you can embroider amazing and attractive monograms with it.

In case you don’t like any of the designs you have got the option of the USB port. You can import your favorite designs through USB and work on them to make your projects more customized. 

It is the best commercial embroidery machine because you can satisfy your clients easily through custom designs. Satisfied clients are recurring money you know.

If you want to preview your selected design, you can view it through the 3.2” LCD color touch screen. You can select your desired design with a push of your finger.

You can stitch larger projects with this machine. It has a 5” x 7” hoop area so you won’t need to stay away from larger projects. In fact, big bucks are in big projects.

What could be improved

The most common issue with these machines is they don’t have a proper instructional DVD that would guide you about every single detail. Most of the customers think that this is a fussy machine but later on realize that they needed to learn more about it and everything was fine. Spending some time on YouTube videos like the below one may help you a lot.

Why is it useful?

Brother PE800 is a great machine if you are seeking one for commercial purposes. The large hoop size and embroidery designs’ variety makes it a great deal for the price. We recommend this machine for both individual and commercial use.


  • Useful LCD Touchscreen
  • Stitch your desired designs
  • Easy & Versatile
  • Best for commercial use


  • A bit expansive

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2. The Janome Memory Craft 400E Embroidery Machine

Janome Memory Craft 400E
Janome Memory Craft 400E

The Janome Memory Craft 400E

  • User Friendly
  • Professional Quality Output
  • On-screen Editing
  • Quiet & High Stitch Speed

Amongst my favorite ones are the Janome machines. The reason is their high-quality stitching and durable build. Janome Memory Craft 400E is one of those that I love the most. This is an embroidery-only machine that can be used for both personal and commercial use.

It comes with 160 high-quality built-in designs. All the designs are very attractive and eye-catchy and they would look great on your projects. Your projects are going to be more satisfying for your customers if you are embroidering on a commercial level.

9 out of 10 times you would want to embroider a custom design outside this built-in variety. In such a case you can use the built-in USB port to transfer your favorite design into your machine and work on it directly.

If you are fond of monogramming and lettering, Janome got your back. This machine has 6 fonts for monogramming. Its monograms look so professional and customized that everyone is going to say, “wow”

Having a very large hoop area of 7.9” x 7.9”, Janome MC400E is the best commercial embroidery machine to handle very large projects. It sews with a speed of 400-860 stitches per minute so you would get rid of longer hustles in a very short time.

You also get On-screen editing functions like rotate, flip, drag and drop, arc combine, copy and paste, grouping, single color sewing, and a bunch of other options as well.

What do you need to know?

One of the best choices for sure but there is still a problem for some. It has no proper instructions in the manual so you may need to take help from the University of Youtube. The video below may guide you a bit on how to use it however we suggest you spend some time on youtube as well.

Our Personal Thoughts

Janome MC 400E is a true workhorse to assist you in any type of embroidery be it on the personal or commercial level. The large hoop area of 7.9” x 7.9” is the unique selling point. 

I would recommend this amazing workhorse to anyone who is seeking the best commercial embroidery machine.


  • User-Friendly
  • Editing facility with touchscreen
  • Quiet operational
  • High stitching speed
  • Professional-quality output


  • No software is included in the package

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3. The Brother SE1900 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Brother se1900 - best brother embroidery machine
Brother se1900

The Brother SE1900

  • Easy Handling
  • Built-in Stitches & Fonts
  • Colorful Screen Display
  • Large Area for Embroidery
  • USB Port

Whenever I make a list of the top-performing machines, Brother machines would take most of the space. Brother SE1900 is also one of those top-performing machines. It is a combo sewing and embroidery machine with wide varieties for you. People are using it for commercial purposes as well.

This machine has 138 built-in embroidery designs that are very eye-catchy. Your projects would look great on them but for some reason, if you don’t want to use those or don’t like them, Brother has got a USB port for you.

With the built-in USB port, you would be able to import your favorite designs into the machine’s memory and then work on them. This would personalize your projects greatly and thus you and your customers would love them.

There are 11 built-in fonts to do monogramming for you, amongst which 7 are English, 3 Japanese, and 1 Cyrillic. More fonts would mean more personalization and hence more bucks from the customers.

You would not need to thread the needle manually anymore. Brother SE1900 has saved you from all that frustration and eye strain by introducing the Automatic needle threader. It has a jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin as well.

On the sewing side, it has 240 built-in stitches with 10 styles of buttonholes included. This unique variety would flourish your creativity a lot. You can preview your designs and stitches in a large 3.2” LCD touchscreen with multiple editing options.

For embroidery, It has a 5” x 7” hoop area to handle large projects which makes it the best commercial embroidery machine.

What is the issue

Although Brother SE1900 sews and embroiders like a charm, it is not that easy to learn if you are a complete beginner. The User Manual may not be a complete guide for you so I would suggest you spend some time on Youtube before doing everything practically otherwise you’ll ruin it.

Our Personal Thoughts

This machine is one of the top picks for it is a combo capable of both sewing and embroidering. It is limitless in terms of performance and workload. If you want the best commercial embroidery machine then look no further and go for it.


  • Large embroidery hoop
  • Beautiful in-built designs
  • LCD touchscreen
  • USB port to import more designs
  • Easy Speed Control system


  • Breaks needle on high stitching speed (sometimes)

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4. The Brother SE600 Computerized Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Brother SE600

The Brother SE600

  • Portable
  • Top Drop-in Bobbin
  • USB Port 2.0
  • Easy to Manage Workhorse
  • Do Both Sewing & Embroidery

The next one is the Brother SE600. It is a sewing and embroidery combo machine with multiple features. This looks to be a good fit for those who are beginners but stepping into the commercial level.

The machine comes with 80 built-in embroidery designs to give your projects a decorative and attractive touch. There are 6 embroidery lettering fonts for monogramming. Monograms add more to your personalization.

With an automatic needle threader, you are going to get rid of the eye fatigue and frustration that you had while threading manually. It does the process very quickly and saves your precious time. It has a convenient jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin.

On the sewing side, it has 103 stitches out of which 10 are auto-size buttonholes. Although the stitch variety is not that wide, it is a lot attractive and of good quality. 

It sews with a speed of 710 stitches per minute so you will be finishing your projects faster than other machines do. The Large LCD 3.2” touchscreen would allow you to select and preview your desired design or stitch easily.

As this is a computerized combo machine so it has a hoop for embroidery which is 4” x  4”. Although this is not a large one, it is the best commercial embroidery machine if you have just stepped into it because everything starts small.

What are the downsides? 

The first thing I didn’t like is the hoop which is smaller for commercial-level embroidery. Secondly, some users face inconsistent results with the USB port. It would sometimes read the pen drive and sometimes not.

Why is it useful

This machine is a computerized combo so you won’t need much space in your room. The overall stitch quality and variety make it a fair deal.

If you are newly into commercial embroidery then this is the right machine for you at a reasonable price


  • Can do both sewing and embroidery
  • Extremely portable
  • USB port for importing designs
  • Top drop-in bobbin system
  • Easy to manage


  • Comes without a hard case

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5. The Brother PE770 Commercial Embroidery Machine

Brother PE535

The Brother PE770

  • Easy to Operate & Handle
  • Professional Output
  • Quiet & Smooth Operational
  • Easy Stitching Speed Control

Brother won’t let you down when you are embroidering on a commercial level. This is why we included Brother PE770, the embroidery-only machine which is a specialist in what it does.

It comes with 136 built-in embroidery designs which are quite unique and breathtaking. The variety includes some classic quilt patterns, intricate florals, delicate scrollwork designs, etc. Now you know how personalized your projects may seem.

To make things even more personalized, there are 6 built-in English fonts. You can use them to embroider attractive monograms and letters. You know well how much monograms are demanded commercially.

In case you don’t love any of the designs in the variety and you want to use your favorite design, just use the USB port and work on your favorite designs. It allows importing designs from your pen drive conveniently and fastly.

To preview your designs before embroidering them, this machine has a 1.4″ x 2.7″  LCD touchscreen. It gives you a real prediction to make you decide whether you should work on it or not.

For embroidery, Brother PE770 has a large hoop of 5” x 7” so you would be able to tackle both small and large projects conveniently. This would be a plus point for you if you are seeking a commercial embroidery machine. 

What could be better

The main issue with this machine is it keeps breaking the thread which may offend you. Now I personally think that there would be a way on Youtube to tackle it but we want to put things clearly in front of you so you could stay away from machines that may waste your time.

Our Personal Recommendation

Brother PE770 has thousands of satisfied customers so there is no doubt it performs like a charm. If you are seeking the best commercial embroidery machine then you need to check this out and see if it fits your needs.

I personally think it would be a wise decision because the hoop size is a good one for commercial embroiderers.


  • Easy to handle & operate
  • Delivers professional output
  • Smooth & Quiet
  • Easy stitch speed control
  • 25-years limited warranty


  • Black & white touchscreen

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6. The Brother PE550D Embroidery Machine

Brother PE550D
Brother PE550D

The Brother PE550D

  • User-Friendly Workhorse
  • Lots of Built-in Designs
  • Disney Designs
  • USB Port
  • Touchscreen

Next on the list is the Brother PE550. It is famous as the “Disney machine” because it has a lot of Disney designs. Disney fans may love this for sure because the designs are quite attractive. If you don’t like Disney designs, don’t worry there are other designs for you as well.

Featuring 125 built-in embroidery designs, Brother PE550D can make your simple projects into awesome masterpieces. 45 out of the total designs are Disney designs that look great on kids’ fabrics, bags, and other stuff. The rest are not Disney but they are attractive.

It has 9 good-looking built-in fonts for monogramming and lettering. Making your projects more personalized would satisfy your customers more and hence more money would flow to you.

If you wonder how your selected design would look in real life, you can preview it before stitching. Yes, you can preview your designs before embroidering, on the 3.2” touchscreen LCD. Change the design if you don’t like it otherwise go for it.

If any of the designs are not appealing to you, then you can import your favorite ones via the USB port. Just import it into the machine’s built-in memory and you are good to go.

It has a hoop area of 4” x 4” for embroidery projects. This isn’t that large but it is suitable for new sewists stepping into commercial embroidery.

What we didn’t like about it

The machine is a good one for sure but if you don’t use it properly without enough knowledge then you might have a tough time. Some users say that after using its automatic needle threader a few times it stopped working. Most of the time, it’s the lack of knowledge and misuse of the machine that doesn’t last long.

Why is it useful?

Having a wide design variety and various fonts, Brother PE550D is the best commercial embroidery machine. The stitch quality and overall performance are great. The built-in Disney designs make it unique.

As this machine has a hoop area of 4” x 4” which is not a big one so we recommend this machine to the new sewists who are starting commercial embroidery. Everyone should start small as far as business is concerned.


  • Very user-friendly
  • Lots of built-in designs
  • Disney designs
  • USB port & LCD touchscreen


  • Comes with just a single 4 x 4 inches embroidery hoop

7. The Brother LB5000S Embroidery Machine

Brother LB5000S
Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850

The Brother LB5000S

  • Star Wars Designs & Faceplates
  • Space-Themed Designs
  • Advanced touchscreen
  • USB Connectivity
  • Combo Machine

Last but not least is the Brother LB5000S. It is a sewing and embroidery combo machine of the famous Star Wars. This machine has some Star Wars designs for its fans. Imagine those faceplates of Darth Vader, R2-D2, and princess Leia embroidered on your shirts or gifts. Only fans would feel the joy.

It has a total of 80 built-in designs including 10 downloadable Star Wars designs and 4 Star Wars faceplates. Don’t worry if you aren’t interested in Star Wars, there are other designs for you.    

The design variety is very attractive and attention-grabbing. You get a hoop area of 4” x 4” for embroidery. This is not a large space to tackle larger projects but for smaller ones, it is the best. It can even stitch your medium-sized items.

For sewing, Brother LB5000S has 103 stitches including 10 different styles of auto-size buttonholes. It will make your sewing projects more customized. One of the amazing things about this machine is it allows you to do free-motion quilting with the drop feed.

To preview your sewing stitch or embroidery design, there is a 3.2” LCD touchscreen so it’s more like precise fortune-telling. The LCD can also be used to make a selection amongst the stitch and design vary.

The machine comes with a bunch of accessories including 7 feet for special purposes. You can tackle any type of project which your customer demands.

What should be improved

The only problem with this machine is the hoop size. It is a 4” x 4” which is small and you can’t really work on larger projects. So you need to know this if you are going to work on commercial-level embroidery.

Why is it the best

Having an amazing and attractive design variety, Brother LB5000S is a wonderful choice to start a commercial embroidering journey with. Although the design variety is not that wide, the Star War designs have a very high demand. So we recommend you go for it if you want the best commercial embroidery machine in high demand


  • 10 Star Wars Designs & Faceplates
  • 10 space-themed designs
  • Advanced touchscreen
  • USB port option
  • Sewing & embroidery combo


  • The embroidery hoop is a bit smaller with a 4 x 4 inches size

Picking the Right Commercial Embroidery Machine

The types of items that will be embroidered and the level of creativity desired will all influence a buyer’s selection for a commercial embroidery machine. Here are some factors to consider while choosing the best commercial embroidery machine.

Stitching Speed & Control

Commercial embroidery machines deliver a bit higher stitching speed than the average models. Look for a machine with a speed of a minimum of 600 stitches per minute if you want the best productive results. The stitch speed control ability is also very essential.

Wide Embroidery Hoop

When picking the best commercial embroidery machine, the important thing is to check the embroidery hoop size or the ability to attach an extra hoop. The hoop size that the manufacturers provide with the machine package does not matter, but the ability to attach an additional one is a more important factor to keep an eye on.

USB or Computer Connectivity

Some commercial embroidery machines can be linked directly to a computer, enabling you to upload more designs instantly and modify existing ones as well. At the same time, some models feature USB ports for transferring designs from a USB drive quickly. So, picking a machine that offers any of these connectivity choices would be very advantageous.


A variety of accessories are available with most commercial embroidery machines, including extra hoops to suit a variety of designs different thread attachments, and multiple needles. Check whether the machine you choose includes all of the necessary accessories for your particular projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

The most important thing is to look at the embroidery hoop size or the ability to attach an additional hoop. Furthermore, the number of built-in stitches, touchscreen, and USB or computer connectivity are aspects to look for in a commercial embroidery machine.

Simply, the commercial means expansive! An average commercial embroidery machine costs a minimum amount of around $1,000.

You can use a larger hoop on any embroidery machine, but some are limited by even using additional hoops. So you just need to look for a machine with the ability to attach extra hoops, not the size of the hoop that the manufacturer offers with the machine's package.

Final Verdict

We’ve covered everything you need to know for selecting the best commercial embroidery machine for yourself in this post. We hope you found all the information helpful here. The Brother PE800Janome Memory Craft 400E, and Brother SE1900 are respectively the top three best commercial ones in all of these evaluated models.