An advanced sewing machine is, no doubt, the impeccable choice for advanced sewers. Professional sewers who seek either heavy duty sewing machines or sewing machines as a backup want the best out of their sewing machines. Escaping the beginner mindset and learning to be a more advanced sewer, creativity is the next box to break.

An advanced and experienced sewer wants to get his hands on the best sewing machines for advanced sewers. The machine that satisfies your thirst for convenience should be the one that runs miles without letting you down. 

Most high-end sewing machines come with a variety of features that allow you to play with your creativity. It lets you take your potential as far as you are able to push it. The best sewing machines for advanced sewers that we collected will let you achieve the neatest work with embroidery, quilting, crafting, monogramming, and much more. You name it.

With over 20 products we came across, we decided to give you the best sewing machines for advanced sewers. Of Course, we have the best pick out of the best sewing machines for advanced sewers. It is the Quantum stylist 9960 sewing and quilting machine. It will not be wrong to say that the machine’s high-end performance is unparalleled.

At a Glance

1. The Singer 442310

1. The Singer 4423

  • Budget-Friendly
  • 1,100 SPM Speed
  • Built-in Stitches
  • Powerful Motor
  • Accessories
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2. The Brother SE60010

2. The Brother SE600

  • Best for Advanced Sewers
  • Provides High-quality Stitches
  • Import Custom Embroideries
  • Automatic Needle Threader
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3. The Singer Quantum Stylist 996010

3. The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

  • Handle Heavy Fabrics
  • Built-in Fonts & Stitches
  • Computerized Controls
  • Thread Cutter
  • Essential Accessories
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4. The Brother SE19009.8

4. The Brother SE1900

  • Perfect for Advanced Sewers
  • Touchscreen Display
  • USB Port
  • Simple Speed Control
  • Offers a lot of Tools
  • Built-In Embroidery Designs
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5. The Brother CS7000i9.8

5. The Brother CS7000i

  • Affordable
  • Built-Stitches
  • Maximum Sewing Speed
  • With a Hardcover
  • Auto Needle Threader
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6. The Brother PQ1500SL9.8

6. The Brother PQ1500SL

  • Wide Extension Table
  • With Knee Lever
  • Auto Needle Threader
  • Pretty Quiet While Operating
  • 1500 SPM Speed
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7. The JUKI HZL-F6009.7

7. The JUKI HZL-F600

  • Box Feed Technology
  • High-Quality Quilting
  • Built-in Reliable Thread Cutter
  • Essential Accessories
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1. The Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The Singer 4423

  • Powerful Motor
  • 1,100 SPM Speed
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Built-in Stitches
  • Advanced Sewers Sewing Machine
  • Accessories

A wide range of thicker fabrics is sewn with heavy duty sewing machines. Singer 4423 validates the definition of a heavy-duty machine. It would not be wrong to claim that this machine is top-of-the-line of the best sewing machines for advanced sewers.

As a professional sewer, the Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine can run through any tough fabric. Throw the finest silk or multiple layers of denim, leather, or upholstery at it, it will get the job done in no time.

This becomes possible due to a stronger motor in the machine. As a professional dressmaker or an advanced sewer, the pace is the key to success. With a stunning speed of 1100 stitches per minute, the machine turns wild due to stronger piercing power. Practice is all that the speed paddle needs.

Being a heavy duty machine for professional and advanced sewers, the machine has 23 built-in stitches like stretch, decorative, basic, buttonhole stitches, etc. An automatic needle threader saves you energy. Let the machine deal with this frustration and say no to eye strain.

Such a heavy duty machine needs a heavy frame for support. To encase that powerful motor with such a huge strength option to work on, the machine has a strong metal interior frame. The frame is a stainless-steel bed frame. This aids proportionally to the lifespan of the machine. 

You always need accessories with the machine, Non-surprisingly, Singer has got you covered. It has a lot to look for in the box like a quilting guide, needles, bobbins, screwdriver, auxiliary spool pin, and many others.

The machine also has a built-in handle. This means the machine is quite portable. The machine will conveniently let you take it anywhere when you feel the need. A piece of advice here is to always read the manual. You can go through the instruction manual which they have taken their time to provide you with a hard copy. 

Improving Opportunities

A love noise feature sounds more professional. The machine is certainly the best but everyone on the list usually has downsides. The Singer 4423  could have been the perfect machine if it gave out the least noise possible.

Our Personal Recommendation

The machine is handy for heavy projects. It can be one of the best machines for advanced sewers. It is a gift for the ones aiming for more manual control. With its classically manual experience, the Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine is a fit for home-based business uses.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 1, 100 Stitches-Per-Minute
  • Various built-in stitches
  • Powerful motor
  • Heavy-duty metal interior frame
  • With a variety of accessories


  • Noisy
  • Foot paddle needs the practice to use

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2. The Brother SE600 Sewing & Quilting Machine

Brother SE600

The Brother SE600

  • Affordable Choice
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Provides High-quality Stitches
  • Import Custom Embroideries
  • Best for Advanced Sewers

Some may not like its embroidery tasking, but as most of us are here to take a look at the best sewing machines for advanced sewers, the Brother SE600 embroidery and sewing machine gets the job done for advanced sewing. Think of the embroidery feature as a plus in this price range. 

Comes with dozens of accessories like an embroidery arm, embroidery foot, bobbins, buttonhole foot, and countless more. This machine, unlike the previous Singer 4423 sewing machine, has a digital control. There are professionals who, in terms of control, adore manual control. But there are some who prefer a handy touchscreen. Brother focuses on convenience and quality. You get a digital touchscreen to adjust your settings at your fingertips.

It can be frustrating to stop working on your project and adjust the machine instead very often. Brother ensures ease of use. They have put in the effort to make the important parts durable, reliable, and sturdy. You get a needle threader to thread easily. A drop-in bobbin will save you time and effort. A touch screen will give you a greater learning curve.

The 3.7” smart color LED screen lets you see the design before stitching it. With versatile 103 built-in sewing stitches, the machine lets you choose with the touch of a finger. To level up the embroidery work, you get 80 freshly inspiring embroidery designs built-in. You get your hands on many things like design-editing features, changing thread colors, place lettering, and many more to enjoy. 

An expanded needle-to-arm workspace gives you the pleasure of enjoying folding quilts work and bulkier projects. If you want more from the design department, you get a USB port to import your custom designs

What Needs To Be Better

The touch screen could be of more use if it was made a bit handy. A huge number of options can overwhelm the novice or professionals transitioning from a manual system. Most users feel the interface could have been cleaner and easy to use.

Our Personal Thoughts

The pros of the machine surpass the negatives. There are always downsides to products. But the best pick is the one with the least number of downsides. To get the best sewing machines for advanced sewers or beginners who are learning to stitch, a machine is the best if it provides the most value of all others. The Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine fits the definition properly.


  • 103 built-in stitches
  • 80 built-in designs
  • Combo Special
  • Automatic threader with drop-in bobbin
  • Large 3.7” LED touchscreen


  • Cluttered interface
  • Some users complain about breaking needles

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3. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine

Brother Quantum Stylist 9960

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

  • More than 500 Built-in Stitches
  • Electronic Auto Pilot Mode
  • Computerized Controls
  • A lot of Accessories

The machine does deserve serious consideration from avid sewers. But it doesn’t disappoint the novice either. Even if you haven’t used any sewing machine, or if you are a professional seeking to learn new techniques, design, and quilt ideas, the Singer 9960 sewing and embroidery machine is never the go to make you gloomy, or despondent.

For the ease of personalizing and monogramming projects, the machine has an amazing set of 80 built-in designs as well as 6 embroidery lettering fonts. Professional workers or small business owners can make use of it to beat project deadlines easily.

Singer’s computerized sewing machine lets you work tirelessly due to its huge motor. The motor runs with a breathtaking 850 SPM speed. It might not be fast enough for an expert sewer but it still beats the market in this price range. 

If the speed doesn’t seem glorious, the stitch count certainly will. Even the best sewing machines for advanced sewers in the market won’t let you have such a huge stitch count. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine being heavy-duty, lets you choose from up to 600 stitches built-in with 5 alphanumeric fonts. 

A needle threader is the need of the day. With a drop-in bobbin, an automatic needle threader is a clock savior. For streamlined professional work, just a lever to push and thread the needle is a sigh of relief. A variety of feet are included as accessories. Satin Stitch Foot, Open Toe Foot, Overcasting Foot, Darning and Embroidery Foot, Rolled Hem Foot, Cording Foot, Straight Stitch/Quilting Foot, Even Feed / Walking Foot, and countless more.

With an absolutely large LCD touchscreen, the clear and easy viewing and adjusting of stitch length, width, tension setting, needle height, and many other options, means compact use of the screen. With the aid of a larger working area and the help of a compact LCD display, things are made reachable for any project you wish to deliver.

Bear In Mind 

The Singer QS 9960 quilting sewing machine has 110V input. This is alarming if you are a customer from the UK. The 110-volt is a standard input for America only. You may be needing a US to UK converter plug to fix the problem if you seek to get one.

Our Personal Recommendation

Thanks to its ability to work on multiple layers of fabrics. It can run on denim, jeans, or any other heavy fibers. The machine is a fit for advanced sewers willing to excel in their level of experience. It will not disappoint the novice either. Although it is one of the best sewing machines for advanced sewers, there can be picks better than this one. 


  • Computerized sewing machine
  • Automatic needle threader and cutter
  • 600 built-in stitches & 5 fonts 
  • 13 built-in 1-step buttonholes 
  • 850 SPM speed
  • Variety of presser feet accessories


  • Problem with alphabet letter
  • The quilting bar can’t be used with a walking foot but with other feet

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4. The Brother SE1900 Embroidery & Sewing Machine

Brother SE1900

The Brother SE1900

  • Computerized Machine
  • Super Affordable
  • Beginner’s Choice
  • Less Maintenance
  • A lot of Accessories

Brother is on your side…! You don’t need to worry about your sewing quality and machine performance anymore. Brother SE1900 is both a sewing and embroidery machine. As an advanced sewer, you would wish both of your sewing and embroidery machines in your sewing space to become one. Who doesn’t want to save space?

Getting a creative touch to your embroidery projects is a lot easier if you have a wide variety of designs. This machine comes with 138 built-in designs to make your way towards creativity. Amongst the designs provided, there are 11 embroidery fonts to perfectly monogram your fabrics.

Just imagine you spend 2 minutes each time you thread the needle. At the end of the day, you will realize that you wasted nearly an hour just fighting with the thread and needle!

An automatic needle threader is going to save that huge time for you so you can increase your productivity exponentially. You have to press a lever only. There is a jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin that is quite easy to insert and remove.

Talking about the sewing side, this machine comes with 240 built-in sewing stitches including 10 styles of auto-size buttonholes. This variety of stitches is what will help you in sewing your advanced projects. This is one of the best sewing machines for advanced sewers.

At times you would want to preview your selected designs and edit them a bit. This is where an LCD plays its role. There is a 3.2” inches LCD touchscreen to preview your designs before starting off.

What must the best sewing machines for advanced sewers have? One of the most crucial things is the big work area. This is also called a hoop. Brother SE1900 comes with a 5” x 7” hoop area. This is quite a good area for advanced sewers to play with. You would rarely need to flip your fabric while embroidery.

What Needs Improvement

There are a few who complain that this machine will end up breaking the needle if you try embroidering thick lettering on it. This is a bit frustrating to stick to a specific thickness of fabric otherwise the needle breaks.

Why It Stands Out

Having a large hoop area, sewing and embroidery machine, stitch quality, and a wide variety of designs and stitches are the primary things that will make you fall in love with this machine. I could not exclude this machine when searching for the best sewing machines for advanced sewers. 


  • Combo machine
  • 3.2” inches touchscreen
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Top drop-in bobbin
  • Monogramming fonts
  • 5” x 7” large hoop area


  • Thick lettering breaks the needle
  • Only for sale in the US

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5. The Brother CS7000i Sewing Machine

The Brother CS7000i

  • Affordable One
  • Maximum Sewing Speed
  • Built-Stitches
  • Auto Needle Threader
  • With a Hardcover

Sewers know their problems well. Most of the time they complain about limited designs and stitches that stop them from being creative to that level. Secondly, some prefer 2 in 1 machines i.e both for quilting and sewing. This saves the space of keeping an extra machine for an extra cause. 

Brother CS7000i is one of the best sewing machines for advanced sewers. There are multiple reasons for this. It is ideal for both sewing and quilting which is why sewers love it. 

There is a wide variety of stitches. With 70 built-in stitches, this machine enables you to showcase your creativity. Amongst the stitches, you will find heirloom, quilting, decorative, and utility stitches. Besides these, there are 7 auto-size buttonholes.

How about saving the time that you spend on threading the needle? Amazing NO? An automatic needle threader is provided by Brother to make you more productive. You will find a convenient jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin. 

To keep the machine protected enough, a protective hard case is included. There are 10 sewing feet, each for a different purpose and fabric to get the type of project done that you want easily.

To be more visible with your stitching, you need some type of display to preview or select your desired stitch. This is where the 2.0” LCD screen plays its role. It also contains a backlit to make things visible.

For the advanced sewers who want to work on a larger work area without having to flip the fabric every now and then, there is a wide table. This helps a lot of sewers to sew larger projects easily. 

Problems You Are Gonna Face

The only “problem” I’ve had with this machine is the fabric getting jammed under the needle. It gets dragged down there, knotted in the bobbin thread, occasionally. You will gradually come to know how to tackle this problem.

Why You Can Not Ignore It

The wide variety of stitches and stitch quality will gradually make you fall in love with this beast. Secondly, If you are a frequent quilter then you might never ignore this quilt master. 

If you are looking for a machine to sew heavy fabrics then you should read this article( Best sewing machine for heavy fabrics)


  • Affordable
  • Built-stitches
  • Good sewing speed
  • A hardcover
  • Auto needle threader


  • Lacking USB port
  • Not comfortable for portability

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6. The Brother PQ1500SL Quilting & Sewing Machine

The Brother PQ1500SL

  • With Knee Lever
  • Auto Needle Threader
  • Wide Extension Table
  • Pretty Quiet
  • Huge Sewing Speed

Yes, sewing machines may be frustrating when they don’t do what you buy them for. To keep things up to your expectations, Brother has tried its best by introducing the Brother PQ1500SL. 

This machine is featured with a wide table. This favors you in your large projects to be done without flipping your fabrics every time. 

An automatic needle threader is included by Brother to help you thread the needle in no time. This saves you a lot of time so you can focus more on your core job. Secondly, you are going to get rid of all the eye strain and frustration that you had while threading the needle manually.

A convenient drop-in bobbin is inserted and removed from the top. It is jam-resistant so you would never notice any sort of jam in the thread supply. Having 7 different feet helps you in dealing with different thicknesses of fabrics.

The best thing about this workhorse is its speed. This sews at a stunning speed of 1500 stitches per minute. This leaves it one of the best sewing machines for advanced sewers because experts want great speed for great productivity.

This beast ensures your 5 hours job is done in only 2 hours. Now quilting will not take your whole day. Things become quicker than you expect.

Several times you would want your hands to be free either for another task or for a bit of rest. Here is a knee-lifter to solve that for you. You can lift the presser foot with your knee only and your hands are completely free. 

One of the unique and very helpful features is the pin feeding system. This is very precise and amazing in feeding fabrics of almost any thickness quite easily. Moreover, Brother support is quite amazing as you can reach them via phone, online chat, and live. They offer technical support for the life of the machine.

What Might Be An Issue

One thing you must be ready to see is that it may start interesting noises very soon if you don’t lubricate it properly and regularly. You should definitely not ignore this part. Secondly, this machine is for sale in the US only.

What We Think About It

We are big fans of Brother machines but when it comes to recommendations we only recommend this machine to advanced sewers who have been sewing for quite a time now. The reason is the high speed, which beginners would not be able to control.


  • Wide extension table
  • Knee lever
  • Auto needle threader
  • Pretty quiet while operating
  • 1500 SPM sewing speed


  • No any walking foot
  • No indication when bobbin goes ran out of thread

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7. The JUKI HZL-F600 Sewing & Quilting Machine


  • Computerized
  • Box Feed Technology
  • High-Quality Quilting
  • Thread Cutter
  • Essential Accessories

You would have heard about JUKI. Yes, they are amongst the industry leaders. Juki HZL-F600 is a true workhorse sewing and quilting machine introduced by them. This is a very simple-to-use machine with 255 built-in stitches. You will find some basic, stretch, decorative, letters and buttonhole stitches.

This is a computerized sewing machine. The variety of stitches is to showcase your crafty self to your circle. Let them say wow at your projects. Stitches are the main secret to creativity when it comes to the sewing world. Experts like you know it better

To select your desired stitch, you are good to go just with the push of a button. Juki kept it quite simple. To view your selected stitch, there is an LCD display. It shows you all the stitches as well as your selected stitch.

Having an automatic needle threader in your machine will help you save a lot of time. All the frustration and eye strain that you face each time you thread the needle manually will now leave you. This makes sewing a lot more comfortable and quicker.

There is an accessory tray that includes all the accessories that you may need with everyday sewing projects. A soft-sided cover is also included in the packaging to keep it clean from any sort of dust.

What Annoys The Customers

You might find this machine very amazing for your projects except for one thing. The bobbin case jumps out of place and jams the needle. Even if you replace the bobbin this issue will hit again after half a year.

Why Is It A Fair Deal

As this is a computerized sewing machine, we consider this one of the best sewing machines for advanced sewers. The reason for recommending this machine to advanced sewers is its stitch variety and stitch quality. You might fall in love with the machine’s performance once you get to use it.


  • Quality quilting
  • Box feed technology
  • Accessories
  • Thread cutter
  • Advanced sewers sewing machine


  • There is no USP port

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Important Features to look for while choosing the best sewing machine for advanced sewers

There are a few features to consider while purchasing a sewing machine. If not all, there should be a high proportion of these features in an excellent high-quality sewing machine with good performance.

Type of the Sewing Machine

There are two sorts of sewing machines: mechanical and computerized ones. Mechanical machines are best suited for novices and intermediates, while highly sophisticated computerized ones are ideal for advanced sewers.

Computerized sewing machines often include several electronic and automated functions that can help advanced sewers to be more creative with their fashion.

The Built-in stitches

The primary precaution is to ensure that your machine’s stitch quality is excellent. You should go for a machine with numerous stitching alternatives to obtain more significant results in your work. It broadens your creative horizons as well. The SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960, for example, has 600 built-in stitches.

Also, don’t just be fooled by the number of stitches; consider the different kinds of stitches that are available.

The dimensions and weight of the Machine

Take note of the dimensions and weight of your machine before purchasing it, depending on how you intend to use it. A small and light sewing machine will not take up much room and will be simple to transport from one location to another. The Brother SE600 is a great example of a super-portable machine with a tiny, lightweight nature and design.

While if you want a durable machine that will stay in one place, the heavily built one such as the JUKI HZL-F600 reviewed above is an excellent option for you in this case.

The high sewing speed

To finish your projects efficiently and be more productive, you’ll need a machine with a high stitching speed per minute. It’s also essential to get a machine with the feature of controlling the stitch speed. It allows you to produce high-quality results with a variety of fabric materials.

The automatic needle threader

If you have poor eyesight or any other sort of dexterity difficulties, you’ll need an automatic needle threader in your chosen sewing machine. It’s either way, a significant advantage for anybody. With zero effort on your side, it automatically puts the thread in the needle for you.

The foot pedal

A foot pedal is useful whenever you need to use both hands while sewing or handling fabric. So make sure you get a steady and manageable foot pedal with an anti-slip base.

Top-load bobbin

With the latest advanced sewing machines, you don’t have to open the entire recessed section to see if the bobbin is running out of thread. Simply remove the top cover, insert the bobbin, and close up the panel. A transparent lid lets you verify if the bobbin is running out of thread.


Frequently Asked Questions

We've already covered all of this above, but still, we would like to give you our recommendation here; the Singer 4423 and Brother SE600 are the best sewing machines for advanced sewers in our eyes.

There are many factors to consider, but if you go through our above list of the best sewing machines for advanced sewers, it will be much easier for you to pick the right one for yourself.

Some of the essential features of an advanced sewing machine include an auto needle threader, thread cutter, free arm, proper lighting from its led flash, and other buttonhole capabilities.

The Quantum Stylist 9960 is the most delicate intermediate sewing machine for people who need more functionalities like a professional-level sewing machine. It's also ideal for use in the sewing room, especially for those who don't want to transport a heavier machine every time.

Final Verdict

We hope you enjoyed our blog post on the best sewing machines for advanced sewers. This post is intended to help you make the right decision by giving all of the vital information about the advanced sewing machine. We understand that choosing a suitable sewing machine may be difficult. Still, after reading this article, we also believe that you will be able to pick a more suitable one for yourself.

The following are our top three selections if you’re still considering a purchase:

If you still have questions or difficulties regarding choosing the best sewing machines for advanced sewers, please leave a comment below. We are always happy to assist!