You may be doing embroidery as a hobby till now but let’s flip the hobby into your home-based embroidery business that will make you a good amount of extra bucks. It’s a great opportunity in this Covid19 era to have such a startup that remains open no matter what’s going on outside. You have a good cash flow.

Steps to Get Started

We will be guiding you on how you can start a home-based embroidery business. Let’s look at the requirements one by one.

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Analyze your competitors

Look for your competitors in your area and see what they are manufacturing or dealing with. What are the things they are lacking? Look for the quality issues they have that the customers hate (You have to strictly avoid those). 

Next thing is to take a detailed note of which designs they are doing along with the price list. Now you would have a good idea of how they are doing and how you could beat them.

Go 1-inch wide and 500 feet deep

After you have selected your niche, select a few designs to work on. As you are stepping into this business, strictly avoid putting your hands in a bunch of designs and stuff. 

Just focus on 2 or 3 designs and make them the best quality. Diversifying is not the key for now. Build your rapport for now till you have a lot of satisfied customers.

Legalize your business

This is one of the important steps for every business. Registering your business makes it secure and legal so you won’t face any hurdles. If you are planning to have employees soon and scale your business, Getting an LLC is a good choice.

Market your new business

No one is going to know about your business until you tell them. Having a storefront is also telling them we are embroidering but in the case of a home-based embroidery business, you have to go with heavy advertising. 

Embellish your designs on different fabrics and take them to your potential clients who may be unsatisfied with your competitors. It’s most likely you will get good orders this way.

Note: Make sure your samples are attractive and better than your competitors.

Which Embroidery Machine is Best for a Home Business Use?

There are a lot of embroidery machines in the market but let’s understand which one would be best for your home business. There are two types of machines used i.e Flatbed machines and multi-needle machines. Hobbyists should always go for flatbed machines but if one wants a machine for high-level commercial use then the multi-needle machines are the best.

Best Flatbed Embroidery Machines For Home Business 

In case you want to buy a flatbed machine then we have a few suggestions for you as well.

Brother SE1900 combo machine is a good choice. Brother PE800 is also an affordable and quality machine. These two are nice to work on and you would not worry much about technical issues. They are very user-friendly and easy to use.


In the end, I would say you should start up your home-based embroidery business right away so you can take maximum benefit from it while staying at home. Further, I would suggest you go for a multi-needle embroidery machine if you want it for a bit higher-level business purposes. There is nothing wrong with a flatbed only if you want it for a hobby or normal home-based business usage.

If you have any further queries, comment down and we will reach you.